Animal Care

Animal Care Volunteer Programs in Ecuador – South America

Animal lovers from around the world are welcome to join our amazing animal welfare volunteer program and share your time, background and skills to make an active contribution to animal conservation by caring for stray and abandoned dogs and cats across Ecuador.

If you are looking to have an animal-friendly experience but at the same time a way to make a difference for animals, then this volunteer project is for you. The main objective of this program is to collaborate with refuges for domestic animals or animal shelters by provide to injured, abused, stray and abandoned dogs and cats with general care and welfare, as well as to control the overpopulation of the urban fauna on the streets.

Volunteer Tasks

As a volunteer in this project, you will be collaborating in a wide variety of volunteer roles such as feeding, bathing and brushing, taking pets for a walk as exercise, playing with animals, giving care and affection to the animals, providing basic obedience training, cleaning cages, working with shelter staff in rescue operations, assisting veterinary team in sterilization issues, treatments, drug administration and helping animals find lovely new homes.


You don’t need any previous experience – just lots of energy and a big desire to help. It is essential that you have patience, tolerance and love toward animals. However, due to the interaction with Spanish speaking people in Ecuador, a basic understanding of the Spanish language is highly recommended in order to communicate effectively.

Volunteers with 18 years old and over are welcome. Volunteer minors with letter of consent from their parents can participate as well.

Program Date

Every Monday, year-round.

Project Length

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 24 weeks

Location of the Project

Rural and urban areas across Ecuador