Construction and Building Volunteer Program in Ecuador – South America

Many Ecuadorian families live in substandard, overcrowded, poorly constructed homes that are barely maintaining their structural integrity, resulting in very unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. With your help, more deserving families can have decent places to call home. Our objectives are to help Ecuadorian families benefit from the availability of existent housing programs.

This volunteer program is ideal for volunteers interested in construction and building, modernizing homes, or simply helping people and their families to live in safer and comfortable conditions. If you are looking for a rewarding experience to provide decent housing for a family in need, people from all over the world are welcome to join us to build simple, decent and affordable houses, working in partnership with the community, local authorities, etc.

If you like to get your hands dirty, then this is the project for you. Our construction volunteer project gives you the opportunity to lend your hands to build, renovate or repair houses, schools, parks, libraries, community buildings, bridges and so on in poorest rural or urban areas of Ecuador.

Volunteer Tasks

As a volunteer on this project, you can expect to get involved in the following ways: digging, removing dirt, mixing sand and cement, carrying rocks, bricks, blocks or bamboo, sand, repairing fences, roofs or cabins, assist and support in the construction of water pipes, toilet building, roofs, houses, plastering, painting, gardening, tiling, sanding, electricity and carpentry issues, planning or supervising, etc.


You don’t need any previous experience – just lots of energy, a desire to help and a commitment to building better homes for communities in need.

Due to the interaction with Spanish speaking people in Ecuador, a basic understanding of the Spanish language is highly recommended in order to communicate effectively, creativity and initiative as well as be friendly and with open mind.

Program Date

Every Monday, year-round.

Project Length

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 24 weeks

Location of the Project

Rural and urban cities across Ecuador