Health Care Volunteer Programs in Ecuador – South America

If you are a qualified doctor / nurse or a medical / nursing student, then your skills are needed and welcome in Ecuador. Our healthcare volunteering program is designed to provide medical care for those in need. As a volunteer, you will be serving and making a real contribution to the health system in Ecuador by assisting in a variety of medical institutions such as governmental and municipal health centers as well as in community medical organizations.

For pre-med students and med students, volunteering in our medical & healthcare project is an excellent way to gain experience combined with the chance to help people.

Whatever your motivations (lending a hand or learning and gaining experience), you are always welcome.

Volunteer Tasks

Depending on individual education and experience, volunteers may then take part in various procedures, and/or assist local doctors and nurses in their daily duties. This program allows volunteers to work in rotation (depending on numbers of weeks of participation) in different medical departments such as: general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, surgery, nursing, physiotherapy, emergency, ophthalmology, nutrition and clinical laboratory among others.    


Due to the interaction with local people, knowledge of the Spanish language is highly recommended for this project, including medical terminologies.

Volunteers should be sensitive, enthusiastic, friendly and with open mind. A background in medicine or nursery is preferred but not mandatory.

Program Date

Every Monday, year-round.

Project Length

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 24 weeks

Location of the Project

Rural and urban cities across Ecuador