Organic Farm

Organic Farm Volunteer Programs in Ecuador – South America

This project is oriented to reduce the use of synthetic and toxic chemicals and to promote sustainable community development. The main initiative of this program is to put into practice ecological alternatives for the agriculture production in order to preserve the environment and ecosystem as well as to provide with healthy food to the local communities across Ecuador.

Volunteers in this project will be working in organic production by assisting in fruit, medicinal and vegetable gardens in rural or urban areas across Ecuador. The reforestation work assist in the control of erosion, improving water supply and soil quality, and bring important biodiversity back to the rural and urban areas. 

Volunteer Tasks

As a volunteer on this program, you will get an opportunity to participate in general activities related to agriculture such as sowing seeds, pricking, planting, weeding, pruning, creation and maintenance of gardens, composting, harvesting, recycling organic waste, compost making, feeding and caring for animals among others.


You don’t need any previous experience – just lots of energy and a big desire to help. However, due to the interaction with Spanish speaking people in Ecuador, a basic understanding of the Spanish language is highly recommended in order to communicate effectively.

Program Date

Every Monday, year-round.

Project Length

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 24 weeks

Location of the Project

Rural and urban cities across Ecuador