Volunteer Teaching Programs in Ecuador – South America

Here at VIP-Ecuador, we believe that education can change a child’s destiny. Volunteers from around the world are welcome to work with children from Ecuador in devotion to advancing their education, so they may grow up to become fruitful and goal-oriented young adults inside their neighborhood economy.

This is an exciting volunteer project for anyone interested in educating children and changing lives. Your time spent in one of our local schools will aid the children in their learning and confidence in areas such as English, Computers, Sport, Music and Arts, although math, science and other subjects are available as well.

Discover the Rewards of Volunteer Teaching in Ecuador.

Volunteer Tasks

While the responsibilities of volunteers vary based on their qualifications, a major component of the work includes shadowing and assisting local teachers. Nevertheless, volunteers may take part in: preparing lesson plans, assigning tasks to students, taking lessons, grading student work, and participating in continuing education and the most important thing, help in improving the level of Spoken English in children.

Volunteers are encouraged and welcomed to use music, games and other interactive activities to make the learning experience as fun and as beneficial as possible


There are no specific qualifications needed to join our childcare volunteer project in Ecuador. However, due to the interaction with local people, knowledge of the Spanish language is highly recommended for this project. Besides, volunteers should be enthusiastic, reliable, flexible, patient, friendly, travel with an open mind and strive to be good role models for the children. Volunteers must be 18 years old and over.

Program Date

Every Monday, year-round.

Project Length

Minimum 2 weeks and maximum 24 weeks

Location of the Project

In rural and urban cities across Ecuador